2024 Kumar Environmental and Economic Perspectives of Nano Urea Production A Review

Agricultural scientists have come up with an innovation known as nano urea, which is a form of nanotechnology that can be used as a replacement for traditional urea. The plant can easily absorb particles because it has a desired particle size and increased surface area. In result it improves its ability to take up nutrients, which promotes efficient nutrient use and reduces environmental pollution as well as sustenance of crops. Nano urea production is very important in terms of environmental as well as economical aspects. Research shows that nano urea enhances rapid nutrient assimilation into developing plant parts promoting higher dry matter build up and chlorophyll synthesis thus improving crop yield and plant wellbeing. Furthermore, nano urea is effective in minimizing pollution and increasing the quality traits of crop plants under stress conditions. Economically, using nano urea proves as a cost-effective measure with significant saving opportunities and profit margins. Nano urea production facilities can be developed with the potential of creating economic pro- spects and augmentation of agricultural practices. Nano urea Production is an eco-friendly energy saving process whereby the carbon footprint and power requirements are signifi- cantly lower than in typical urea manufacturing. This method, unlike the traditional ones, is more efficient in terms of energy consumption, produces less waste and environmentally safe. Still, there is cause for concern regarding the possible environmental impacts of nano- based urea synthesis and more research work may be required in order to establish the full scope of its long-term effects and ways to achieve optimum results based on this tech- nology. In general, nano urea is an innovative approach that promises minimize impacts on the environment as well as enhancing yields.

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