2024 Baboo NOx, SOx, CO2 and Urea Dust Control in Fertilizers Plants

NOx, SOx & CO2 emission are the serious problem in any fertilizers plant. The urea production and use of nitrogen fertilizers lead to the release of SOx, CO2 , N2O and CH4, which are among the most important global GHGs. The synthesis of ammonia, from which all synthetic fertilizers are produced, accounts alone for about 0.8% of the global GHG emissions and 2% of global energy. CO2 emission factor from urea is 0.2 kg Carbon per kg urea, which is equivalent to the mass percent of Carbon in urea. Urea dust control system should be there in every plant. The pollution of urea dust is very harmful to buildings and humans. If you install CO2 recovery system, than you can also control SOx and NOx. In reality dust emission control system should be installed in prilling tower. It is not costly; the energy consumption per ton of urea energy will increase slightly but it is necessary for all urea plants. Licensors and companies active in revamps are available in market.

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