2023 Valkov Ballestra Bi Fluid Drum Granulator

Ballestra Italy’s Bi Fluidized Drum Granulation (BFDG) process produces spherical granules from molten salt, suspension or clear solution sprayed on seeds or recycled product.
BFDG consists of the combination of drum granulation and fluidized bed technology.
– a drum granulator consisting of a cylindrical drum rotating around its axis and equipped with lifters a fluidized bed installed inside the granulator and supplied with atmospheric/hot/cold and recycled air;
– The technology is using unique bi-fluid spraying nozzles allowing the achievement of fine and coarse surface of the granules;
– The granulator receives the granulation seeds made of recycled product;
– The recycled product undergoes, in the granulator, a double operation: size increasing, solidification, crystallization and drying.
This is achieved through a series of cycles as follows:
The lifters raise the product to the upper part of the drum, from where they fall back on the surface of the fluidized bed. On the table, the product is heated and dried.
The inclination of the table surface allows the product to descend along the table and fall into the lower part of the drum. During his fall, he receives a spray of solution.
The lifters reassemble the coated product with a new layer that will be crystallized and dried. This same cycle is then renewed the number of times necessary to reach the desired particle size.

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