2023 Namazov Phosphorus-containing lime-ammonium nitrate for agrochemical efficiency of crops

When obtaining samples of phosphorus-containing lime-ammonium nitrate (LAN) the mass ratio ammonium nitrate (AN) : dolomite mineral (DM) : ordinary phosphate rock (OPR) varied from 100 : 0.5 : 0.5 to 100 : 25 : 25. The prilling method was used to granulate the nitrate-carbonate-phosphate melt. It is shown that the saltpeter melt activates carbonate and phosphate raw materials, that is, it converts the structure of P2O5, CaO and MgO, which is not assimilated in it, into a form that is assimilable for plants. The additives (DM, OPR) significantly reduce caking, porosity and absorption in relation to liquid fuel and increase the strength of fertilizer granules.

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