2023 Kimtatas Technological challenges facing the current carbon market

There is a large number and variety of carbon capture technologies. Some of these, like generic amines and blended generic amines, have been in use for decades.
These technologies are well-proven, with hundreds of commercial plants operating for decades. These have been primarily for pre- combustion applications such as natural gas treating for CO₂ and H₂S removal to meet fundamental specifications, including LNG, pipeline, household natural gas appliances, refinery process heater fuel, and electric power generation.
With the need to reduce the amount of CO₂ that is going into the atmosphere, many new and creative technologies are being developed and tested. As these are proven to be cost- effective, they will move into the arena of commercial carbon capture. These will require site analysis, engineering, and economic studies to determine which technology will be the best for a specific location and application.

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