2023 Greenhouse gas and ammonia emission mitigation priorities for UK Policy Targets

Agriculture  is  essential  for  providing  food  and  maintaining  food  security  while concurrently delivering  multiple  other  ecosystem  services.  However, agricultural  systems  are  generally  a net  source  of  greenhouse  gases  and ammonia.  They,  therefore,  need  to  substantively contribute  to  climate  change mitigation  and  net  zero  ambitions.  It  is  widely  acknowledged that  there  is  a need  to  further  reduce  and  mitigate  emissions  across  sectors,  including agriculture  to  address  the  climate  emergency  and  emissions  gap.  This discussion paper outlines a collation of opinions from a range of experts within agricultural  research  and  advisory roles  following  a  greenhouse  gas  and ammonia  emission  mitigation  workshop  held  in  the UK  in  March  2022.  The meeting  identified  the  top  mitigation  priorities  within  the  UK’s  agricultural sector  to  achieve  reductions  in  greenhouse  gases  and  ammonia  that  are compatible  with  policy  targets.  In  addition,  experts  provided  an  overview  of what  they believe  are  the  key  knowledge  gaps,  future  opportunities  and  co-benefits  to  mitigation practices  as  well  as  indicating  the  potential  barriers  to uptake for mitigation scenarios discussed.

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