2023 Gao Stamicarbon Experiences with Ultra-Low Energy Plant Operation

The LAUNCH MELT™ Ultra-Low Energy urea plant concept, which was launched during the Stamicarbon symposium in 2012 as a 5XX design, was designed, constructed and successfully put into operation for three grass- root plants in China since the beginning of 2021. All three plants were designed with same name plate capacity of 2334 MTPD urea prills. To date, three more Ultra-Low Energy grass-root plants; two plants under construction are expected to be in operation in the middle of 2024 and a further plant is in the engineering phase.
Based on actual plant operation, the Ultra-Low Energy Design for a melt plant with prilled product demonstrates a steam consumption (23 bara, 330ºC) of less than 567 kg steam/ton product compared to traditional LAUNCH MELT™ Pool Reactor Designs (former Urea 2000plus ) with
slightly below 870 kg steam/ton product.
This paper highlights the process design aspects as well as operational experience of grass root Ultra-Low Energy urea plants in operation in China, along with a comparison of the key performance parameters, including steam consumption and product quality.

This paper was presented at the IFS Symposium in Cambridge in December 2023.

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