2023 FAO Cropland nutrient balance Global, regional and country trends 1961–2021


→ At the global level, the cropland nutrient surplus in 2021 was 82 million tonnes (Mt) of nitrogen (N), 8 Mt of phosphorus (P), and 12 Mt of potassium (K) corresponding to 52 kg N per ha, 5 kg P per ha, and 7 kg K per ha of cropland.
→ Asia was the biggest contributor of total nutrient inputs to the global total in the most recent decade, accounting for approximately half of total nutrients applied for N (52 percent), P (55 percent) and K (48 percent).
→ High levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium use efficiencies in Africa indicate soil nutrient mining in many parts of the region.
→ The Americas have accounted for more than half of the global total nitrogen from biological fixation since the 2000s.
→ In Europe, a large proportion of total nutrient inputs come from manure applied to soils, averaging 34 percent for N, 41 percent for P, and 58 percent for K over the whole period.
→ At the global level, the efficiency in the use of N, P and K for crop production has increased steadily since the mid-1980s.

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