2023 Di Ruocco Euromel G5 new generation – The green and energy saving melamine technology

Eurotecnica Contractors and Engineers S.p.A. was established in Milan, Italy, in 1962.
Across a few decades Eurotecnica has reached a leading position in the melamine industry as technology provider, designer and implementer of high-pressure plants.
Eurotecnica’s proprietary Euromel® Melamine Process, has been licensed for 28 plants and a total nameplate capacity exceeding 1 million tonnes per year.
The ultimate 5th generation (G5), has already been gained a massive popularity being licensed for
3 large-scale plants, as it features the lowest OPEX in the melamine industry, a reduced CAPEX because of the leaner process, the evergreen performances such as zero liquid effluents and zero solid wastes, thanks to having a purification by ammonia.
Ammonia is easily available in any fertilizer complex whereto is fully returned (therefore its consumption is zero). The water-free high-pressure reaction off-gas provide excellent performance in terms of easy and efficient recycle to the upstream urea plant.
Eurotecnica is the technology arm of the Proman family of companies, a global leader in natural gas derived products and services (www.proman.org).

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