2023 Baboo Environmental Protection in Fertilizer Plants

Environmental protection is the practice of protecting the individuals, organizations and governments. Wastewaters from chemical fertilizer industry mainly contain organics, alcohols, ammonia, nitrates, phosphorous, heavy metals such as cadmium and suspended solids. The nature of effluent streams varies in terms of its constituents and complexity. This paper intends to elaborate the standpoint views of the production technology and environment management of harmful emissions. Typical nitrogen-based fertilizer plants producing ammonia and urea using the advanced available technologies as in the Dangote fertilizer plant. The study centers on the development of a multi-treatment advanced biological system which comprises enzymatic hydrolysis and biological nitrification to produce effluent suitable for discharge to the Atlantic Ocean. A wide variety of methods and online analysers are installed for monitoring emission, assure advanced and high level of protection & method adopted to reduce the emission and control pollution.
Dangote Group is one of the most diversified business conglomerates in Africa with a hard-earned reputation for excellent business practices and product quality. HSE instructions and procedures have developed taking into account any relevant national and local regulations as well as applicable statutory requirements. It was observed that the effluent treatment strategy requires careful identification and application of suitable treatment methods on the basis of the nature of the effluent.

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