2022 Yara Sluiskil Climate Roadmap 2030 (Dutch version)

Yara Sluiskil has been asked by Milieudefensie to discuss her climate plans to share. Yara Sluiskil’s concrete plans have already been made public and have received plenty of attention in the media. In this report, all information is presented in an integrated manner and placed in the context of the history and future of the company.
Yara Sluiskil has been located in the Zeeland-Flemish Canal Zone since 1929. Over the past century, the company has made several transitions to alternative raw materials, where making connections, both physical and organizational, is always the common thread. Both the processes and the products and their applications have evolved over the years. As the largest hydrogen producer in the Netherlands and the largest production facility in the group, Yara Sluiskil sees opportunities to be an enabler for a sustainable hydrogen economy.
Since 1990, the company has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions in Sluiskil by 65% and by 2030 Yara Sluiskil has the ambition to achieve a reduction of 85-90%. Yara Sluiskil cannot do this alone, but is only possible through collaboration with the colorful range of stakeholders, broad support and a license to operate from the environment.
This report provides an insight into the ambitions and concrete plans. It is a living document, because policy, innovations, market perspectives, new chains and (geo)political panels continuously provide new insights that require flexibility, without losing sight of the goal or lowering the bar.
Yara Sluiskil wants to explain in a transparent manner what the plans entail and how they can be achieved. No rights can be derived from this document. It is intended to share the plans with a wide audience. Yara is open to suggestions and improvements to its plans and invites stakeholders to work together on the future for the next 100 years in the Zeeland-Flemish Canal Zone of North Sea Port.

Remark: With google translation one is able to read the English version

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