2022 Yanagawa TOYO’s latest innovation in urea synthesis technology and sustainable urea production

Toyo Engineering Corporation (TOYO), a global leading engineering contractor and urea process licensor, has made continuous efforts to improve its own urea production technologies and has supplied reliable, efficient and economical urea plants since founded in 1961. TOYO’s latest urea process, ACES21® became ready for industrial application in late 1990s and has since been applied worldwide.
TOYO has been working on further improvements and innovations in its proprietary urea processes to realize further energy savings and plant cost reduction maintaining all salient features of current ACES21® by harvesting fruitages cultivated for years from “seeds” technologies. TOYO has developed the next generation ACES21® which achieves lowest urea synthesis pressure among modern urea process.
In addition, TOYO is launching a new concept “g-Urea®”, aiming at carbon neutral urea production utilizing renewable energies and feedstocks. One of promising solution is urea production from “Green Ammonia”. Another can be urea production from ammonia and carbon dioxide derived from biomass and/or waste gasification.

The paper introduces TOYO’s latest innovations in urea synthesis technologies and the sustainable urea production concept g-Urea®.

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