2022 Robertson The Carbon Capture Crux

What We Found
Further extrapolated in our conclusion at the end of this report, we found:
• Failed/underperforming projects considerably outnumbered successful experiences.
• Successful CCUS exceptions mainly existed in the natural gas processing sector serving the fossil fuel industry, leading to further emissions.
• The elephant in the room of the application of CCS/CCUS in the natural gas processing sector: Scope 3 emissions are still not being accounted for.
• Captured carbon has mostly been used for enhanced oil recovery (EOR): enhancing oil production is not a climate solution.
• Using carbon capture as a greenlight to extend the life of fossil fuels power plants is a significant financial and technical risk: history confirms this.
• Some applications of CCS in industries where emissions are hard to abate (such as cement) could be studied as an interim partial solution with careful consideration.

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