2022 MPP Making Net Zero Ammonia Possible

The objectives of the MPP Sector Transition Strategies are:

1. To demonstrate industry-backed, 1.5°C-compliant pathways to net zero, focusing on in-sector decarbonisation and galvanising industry buy-in across the whole value chain.

2. To be action-oriented with clear 2030 milestones: By quantifying critical milestones for each sector in terms of its required final energy demand, upstream feedstock resources, and capital investments, MPP wants to lay the foundation for tangible, quantitative recommendations how
these milestones can be achieved through collaboration between industry, policymakers, investors, and customers.

3. To be transparent and open: MPP’s long-term goal is to fully lay open the internal machinery of the Sector Transition Strategies, that is, to make its Python models open source and all data inputs open access. In addition, MPP is developing online web interfaces that bring the Sector Transition Strategy reports to life: individual users will be able to explore the results of the reports and to customize model input assumptions, explore the impact of individual levers, and dive deeper into regional insights.

4. To break free from siloed thinking: The transition of a sector to net zero cannot be planned in isolation since it involves interactions with the broader energy system, (e.g., via competing demands for resources from multiple sectors). All MPP Sector Transition Strategies are based
on similar assumptions about the availability and costs of technologies and resources like electricity, hydrogen (H₂), or sustainable biomass. By providing a harmonized, cross-sectoral perspective, we intend to inform decision makers with a fair, comparable assessment of transition strategies for all seven sectors.

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