2022 Inward Reliable dust emission measurements from urea and ammonium nitrate prilling towers and granulation plants

Sick AG, founded in 1947 by Dr. Erwin Sick, has a long history of designing and producing innovative optical sensor technologies for the purpose of particle matter and gas analysis, with specialisation in the field of continuous emission monitoring technologies.
Modern-day best practices for industry have a strong focus on the inclusion of abatement technologies aimed at minimising environmental impact. Improvements in production methodologies and abatement technologies have a fundamental impact on the measurement task of the emission monitoring system. The advent of the wet scrubber is an excellent example of an abatement technology that created a completely new set of conditions in which the emission monitoring system must reliably operate.
The need to measure and report emissions to atmosphere spans a broad variety of industries. Sick
AG has developed a wide range of solutions to measure dust, ammonia and NOx emissions in the fertilizer industry. This paper concerns the application of a well-proven dust emission monitoring analyser to the fertilizer industry, the problems experienced, and the additional design considerations implemented to reach a reliable and robust technical solution.

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