2022 Gori Ballestra The Efficiency of Methylene-Urea

The fertilizer industry as we know it is set for a change, and we already see it happening.
The name of the game is improving fertilizer efficiency and increasing product value without changing existing plants and renewing investment. The commonly available solutions came from outside fertilizer’s fences. Exotic polymer coatings and urease inhibitors are the widely accepted solutions to make current fertilizers compatible with the world’s issues. None of them is a product of the fertilizer industry, and both are poised to eat up the margins of our industry.
What if the tool to achieve fertilizer efficiency was a product already available within the industry?  Methylene Urea is already there, limited by the relatively small size of the UF resin industry, which first discovered it. Ballestra is working to scale up the technology to fully-fledged fertilizer dimensions.

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