2022 11 Baboo Urea Plant Equipments Inspection

There are many equipment items in a urea plant which have very important impact for holding time, partition plate passing, weep holes monitoring, medium pressure absorber, high pressure carbamate condenser, etc. Startup of medium pressure absorber, is one of the most difficult operations of chemical processes in urea plants. In the last few years we have accomplished both theoretical studies and experimental verifications. Perfect sealing of trays by special quality PTFE (Gore-Tex). As a result, significant reduction of startup time period can be achieved by implementing the developed perfect sealing and checking of holding with recommended standard rules. This paper summarizes our recent results from these studies and make standard. Passing rate of partition plate holding check of ferrules. Weep hole monitoring and checking of the leakage through liner in HP vessels. Absorber columns, and trays, can now be designed with a high degree of reliability. Absorber columns have been widely used in the past to separate mixtures of liquids into individual components like ammonia and carbamate mixture.

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