2022 08 Baboo Operation and Troubleshooting Saipem HP and MP section

In  M/S.  Saipem  urea process  the  High Pressure synthesis section operation is very  typical with respect to HP stripper and Reactor N/C ratio, H/C  ratio and conversion of the reactor. The Medium Pressure section also is very typical from operation point of view with respect to the  level  of  Medium  Pressure absorber, which is fluctuating frequently when the urea plant starts  up  / shuts  down  or at any  process disturbances / upset.  This  Technical Paper intends how to tackle theses type of problems plus will discuss more in detail the MP absorber level measurement and why the level is so important?  Why  density  variates during  start up / shut down or any  upset  of  the process  by  any  reason.  Why  the  level transmitter of MP absorber is showing erratic level? How to prevent CO2 carry over to the ammonia receiver via the ammonia condenser. Can we replace the DP type transmitter with radar type in the HP stripper as well as MP absorber?

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