2022 06 Genova Casale flexible green ammonia plant – the economically viable green production

Dynamic analysis and experience in ammonia process is the key to design and optimize a green plant based on variable renewable power supply.
The following discussion describes the latest Casale achievements to fulfil the technological requirements of the green ammonia economy.
More in detail the Casale products for green ammonia plants and the gNH3 optimizer are the crucial elements that make the Casale solutions the benchmarks for a sustainable and optimized green plant process, considering the peculiar features of a plant entirely based on renewable.
The role played by such Casale technologies and solutions are described step by step considering plant fluctuations, different plant size, different scope of work and the relevant impact on the economics.
The result of this analysis is a green ammonia plant configuration based on a unique control system that makes the calculated LCOA of this new plant unexpectedly closer to an affordable and economically viable solution, not too far from a standard grey ammonia plant.
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