2022 06 Eijkenboom A Blocked Leak Detection System

The presence of a reliable leak detection system in lined High Pressure urea equipment is a must. Only an active leak detection system acts in a sufficient reliable way. Leak detection systems should be tested before installation, after a shut down and weekly during operation to ensure communication between the holes of each liner compartment.
A leak detection system should be in operation at all times especially during stops, start-ups and shutdowns in order to minimize the risks for blockages.
Once a leak detection system is blocked, restoring communication will be difficult and depends strongly on the location of the blockage. In case of a liner leak the risk for any permanent blockage is present.
A vacuum leak detection system is the only leak detection system that guarantees a reliable leak detection in all operating modes (stop, start and shut down) and in case blockage behind the liner has occurred.
Never flush a leak detection system with water, condensate or steam.
After a leak has occurred and/or in case of a blockage behind the liner it is recommended to apply our AMMO LASER Leak Detection System to assure that the maximum liner area is under direct leak detection. We can provide support how to revamp your existing leak detection system while reusing as much as possible elements of your existing leak detection system.

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