2022 05 Shetty Stamicarbon Small Scale Green Ammonia

Stamicarbon green ammonia technology is based on the proven Haber-Bosh process and a perfect match for Power to X small and medium size project. It unique operational conditions and lean process design lead to a compact plant configuration with a minimum footprint requirement and thus a very competitive Capex when compared to other technologies. Moreover, the relatively high operating pressure makes it possible to obtain a high conversion per path using a minimum volume of catalyst. Maire Tecnimont group is applying Stami Green Ammonia technology globally in various projects but would like to highlight in two green feasibility study projects, Greenfield Nitrogen located in the heart of the US corn-belt in Iowa Midwest aiming to produce Ammonia from renewable power, and second case is power to Green Fertilizers in Kenya, targeting to produce Nitric Acid, CAN, DAP/NPK major fertilizer for the tea and flowers producers from renewable energy sources.

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