2022 03 Motamedi Production of Eco-Friendly Urea with Superior Parameters

The purpose of this project was to produce urea with higher mechanical strength and superior anti-caking properties compared to the current urea produced by formaldehyde in Pardis Petrochemical Company using completely environmentally friendly and eco-friendly materials and methods.
In petrochemical companies using formaldehyde, formaldehyde is stored in tanks before use, which can be released into the atmosphere and hurt the personnel. However, published articles have shown that the release of formaldehyde from urea fertilizer in storage can occur during transport as well as during field application[1].
Our results showed that the addition of innovative additives to formaldehyde (UF85) was able to significantly: Increase the anti-caking property along with mechanical strength of urea granules, decrease urea release in farm and reduce the release of formaldehyde into the atmosphere.
Due to these parameters that comes from addition of completely natural substances, we call this fertilizer, Environmentally Friendly or Eco-Friendly Urea.

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