2021 HT Converting CO2 to valuable synthesis gas

M. Østberg and M. Rautenbach of Haldor Topsoe describe ReShift™ technology, a new high temperature CO2 reforming process, where preheated CO2 is added directly downstream of a main reformer and then equilibrated in an adiabatic reactor. This new technology makes use of the high temperature of the reformer effluent to circumvent carbon formation, while at the same time maintaining an overall minimum steam to hydrocarbon carbon ratio, depending on process specific conditions. An increase in the amount of CO2 added to the process will result in an increased fraction of CO in the produced synthesis gas. Synthesis gas with H2/CO ratios in the range 0.5-3 can be produced. These CO-rich gases are typically utilised in the production of functional chemicals and synthetic fuels.


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