2021 HSE Rotating Equipment (driven items)

This section of the guidance notes covers a selection of the rotating equipment found on a typical offshore installation.

These include :-
x Compressor – Centrifugal (Barrel Type) 
x Compressor – Screw ( Air Service )
x Compressor – Screw ( Process )
x Compressor – Reciprocating ( Process ) 
x Compressor – Reciprocating ( Air Service ) 
x Pump – Generic
x Centrifugal Pump – Large Single Stage
x Centrifugal Pump – Multistage
x Centrifugal Pump – Vertical Caisson
x Centrifugal Pump – HP Multistage
x Centrifugal Pump – Submersible
x Centrifugal Pump – High Speed
x Pump – Reciprocating, Plunger
x Power Generating Set (Alternator )

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