2021 Gupta Project Report on Urea Mechanical Maintenance at NFL Panipat

NFL is a Schedule ‘A’ and Mini Ratna Company, which was incorporated on 23rd August, 1974 for setting up of two Nitrogenous fertilizer plants, based on gasification technology of Feed  Stock  /  LSHS  at  Bathinda  (Punjab)  and  Panipat  (Haryana)  having  an  installed capacity of 5.11 lakh tonnes of Urea each. The commercial production from these plants commenced w.e.f. 1.10.1979 & 1.9.1979 respectively. Consequent upon reorganization of FCI  in  April  1978,  the  Nangal  unit (including  Nangal  expansion  project)  of  FCI  was transferred to NFL.


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