2021 09 Baboo Neem Coated Urea A philosophy for Environment

Ever since the declaration of 100% neem coated urea by the Government of India, the number of neem trees has been increasing continuously in India. Neem coated urea requires neem oil and the more urea the more oil and trees are required. When it comes to  oil,  neem  plants  are  rather  promising. Probably  no other plant yields as many exploitable  by-products  and  benefits. Earlier, Coated 100% Neem Urea was made mandatory in 2015. A study conducted by the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare had found the effects of Neem Coating of Urea as follows: Improvement in soil health. Reduction in costs with respect to plant protection  chemicals, more neem tree  more clean environment. Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) is a unique tree with its great religious, medicinal, ornamental and  multifunctional values. By rough estimates, India currently has about  20  million neem  trees. This  paper describes how the plantation of neem trees in India increased  drastically  and  how  to  manage ecologically very special. Neem is ecologically very special. It can tolerate very high levels of pollution and has the capacity to recover even if most of its foliage is dropped. Plants with a large leaf  area  such  as  neem  accumulate  relatively higher quantities of lead. Trees vary widely in their  capacity  to  absorb  pollutants  like particulate  dust,  CO2, oxides  of sulphur  and nitrogen.  Coating of  urea  with  neem  is environmentally also advantages because firstly, a reduces solubility of urea, keeps contamination of ground water under control and secondly, the coating  reduces  ammonia volatilization  and controls  atmospheric  pollution. This environmental friendly endeavor  converted into economic boom for farmers also. The  hardy and multipurpose neem tree holds tremendous potential in sustainable farming systems across the world.


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