2021 04 Roviello Casale 1500 MTD NA plant commissioning and start-up with remote assistance during Covid-19 pandamic

CASALE licensed and recently completed a EPCC LSTK project for a new 1500 MTD Nitric Acid plant in Navoiy, Uzbekistan. The main and distinctive process solutions adopted by CASALE are here presented together with an overview of the main project schedule and milestones, and with focus on the important phases and challenges faced during its execution, including the countermeasures and digital techniques adopted in solving the difficulties caused by Covid-19, when the pandemic impacted the project execution at the end of the mechanical completion and beginning of commissioning.
The paper illustrates a successful history of plant start-up despite the pandemic difficulties and introduces a set of first considerations about the possible future application of available digital technologies for remote commissioning of complex chemical plants.


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