2021 03 Baboo How to improve Safety and Reliability of the High Pressure Section of Urea Plants


On January 1, 2021, the UreaKnowHow.com Urea Incident Database contained already more than 135 serious incidents. Detailed analyses concludes that the majority of these incidents did occur in the high pressure synthesis section.
This paper elaborates the most critical safety hazards: Ruptures and toxic ammonia leaks. The paper also provides the Top 10 prevention and mitigation measures.
To minimize / avoid that incidents do repeat, we recommend to make use of the Center for Chemical Process Safety: Risk Based Process Safety Management approach.
Pay proper attention to avoid ruptures, to handle leaks and to apply the right and state-of-the-art leak detection systems.
Also pay proper attention to the right design, fabrication, installation, inspection, repair and operational procedures. Involve experienced and knowledgeable urea experts as owners engineers in your projects and training programs.
Treat safety and reliability as your number one priority. It will pay back!
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