2021 02 Baboo Decommissioning & Inspection Repairing of Ammonia Storage Tanks

This paper describes the methodology followed for the de-commissioning, inspection, repairing and re-commissioning of both ammonia storage tanks, repairs and modifications carried out on the tank. Ammonia Storage Tanks (T-2301A & B) at M/S. National Fertilizers Ltd was commissioned in 1987 and is in service since then. In the year 1999, after about six years of service, ice formation and bulging of PUF insulation was noticed between the concrete floor and tank’s bottom plate along the periphery of the tank(T-2301B). In order to inspect and to carry out the necessary repair it was decided to de-commission the tank. The entire activity ranging from de-commissioning to re-commissioning was carried out in house. Only support of external agencies was taken for repair and inspection supervision. The old tank of capacity 10,000 MT was decommissioned in 2015-16 for internal inspection and to replace bottom load bearing along with insulation and foam concrete blocks all around the periphery. Decommissioning of the ammonia storage tank was a challenging task which involved intense thought provoking especially for emptying out the vessel off ammonia and oil with zero pollution & wastage. De- commissioning and re-commissioning of the tank was done using innovative method for oil removal with zero pollution & wastage and without even a single near miss incident within stipulated time.


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