2020 Prasad Yara Risk Based Inspection – An Approach to Plant Reliability and Integrity

Yara Fertilisers India Private Limited, Babrala follows a systematic inspection methodology for the condition monitoring of static equipment and piping. The plant rolled out a comprehensive risk based inspection (RBI) plan in the year 2005 within a decade of plant commissioning. The RBI journey was started with the inspection of equipment through conventional and advanced non-destructive testing (ANDT) methods. The RBI plan was strengthened further after adopting process safety management (PSM) at the site. The RBI plan is regularly updated by adopting learnings from its own experience and failures in the other plants. The RBI revealed potential observations in past which could have led to serious failure of equipment. The RBI findings are taken as an input to site business strategic planning. On a long term, the plant is looking forward to implement a new generation software-based RBI process at par with the Yara Global Standards.


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