2020 Krawczyk tkFT Pushing the limits Advanced urea spray nozzles for the UFT Fluid Bed Granulation process

Gulf Petrochemical industries company “GPIC” located at Kingdom of Bahrain, established in 1979 as a joint venture company between the governments of; Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, GPIC operates Ammonia and Methanol plants which was commissioned in 1985 with name plates capacity of 1,000 MT, both plants were revamped in 1989 and capacity increased to 1200 MT for each. In 1998 the Urea plant was commissioned with a name plate capacity of 1,700 MT producing Granular Urea and using UFT® Fluid Bed Urea Granulation Technology, Enhancement was made with several step changes which post and increased Urea plant daily production to 2,100 MT during winter time and 1,900 during summer time. However, as for any plant running constantly above its nameplate capacity, some issues were experienced regarding the dust formation rate from the urea solution spray nozzles. The urea dust is internally recycled back from the wet scrubbers to the evaporation section, so there is no loss of production. Nevertheless, with this high flowrate of recycled urea solution, the capacity of the evaporation unit becomes a limitation to the overall process and the concentration of the feed urea solution to the Granulator had to be reduced to maintain reasonable operating parameters within the Granulator. This leads to higher moisture content, increase dust formation and reduced unit’s running cycle.


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