2020 IFA Toward a new paradigm for sustainable plant nutrition

The High Level Forum on Plant Nutrition was a special event that took place on 18-20 November 2019 in Versailles, France. This High Level Forum was a multi-stakeholder dialogue between the fertilizer industry and key international organizations working on agricultural or environmental issues to identify solutions to facilitate more sustainable plant nutrition around the world. We are honored to have had some of the most influential thinkers on food and agriculture join us as speakers. The objective of the Forum is to explore developments in technology, research and policy that can help us address the challenges and opportunities of fast-changing agricultural systems.We are very grateful to Yara, for being the host sponsor of this event, as well as Nutrien and OCP for their support.



Drivers of Change

In the second half of the 20th Century, scientists, policymakers, farmers and the agricultural industry united around a central idea: that addressing the specter of mass starvation required urgent action to increase productivity and keep food prices low. Their efforts resulted in tremendous successes.

In closing remarks, Charlotte Hebebrand, Director General of the IFA, noted that a new paradigm for agriculture and plant nutrition has already begun to emerge. But to be useful, it must be better articulated and inform the roles of different players in the agri-food value chain, along with policymakers, international organizations and NGOs. Productivity and food security continue to be essential, but new dimensions must also become priorities. Fertilizers can also make important contributions to nutritional security, poverty alleviation and help to support carbon sequestration in forests and soils. Moreover, more efficient fertilizer use can mitigate key environmental impacts, from climate change to water and air quality to biodiversity loss.

“It is a new paradigm not just for industry, but also for policymakers, farmers, consumers and international organizations. All hands on deck will be required,” she said.

Hebebrand reported on actions at IFA already underway relevant to Forum themes.


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