2020 Gupta NFL Project Report Urea Mechanical Maintenance

I express my gratitude to Mr. H.P Sharma(Chief Manager Electrical Department) for providing me the opportunity to undertake training in urea mechanical department, NFL Panipat and especially Mr. Shrivets Sharma (MANAGER, UREA Mech.), Mr. Akhand Pratap Verma (Asst.Manager) for their invaluable guidance and frequent suggestions incorporated together with long hours of their precious time to help me during the course of this project and for helping me learn and gain knowledge and making everything worthwhile and fruitful throughout the project. Without them the project completion would not have been possible.

Also the teacher and the my Mentor from my Mr. Dilbagh Singh has guided me for the industrial training without the support and guidance I would not be able to even think for the training in one of the India‟s most reputed company in Fertilizers.

The training as I see today is an outcome of persistent efforts and a great deal of dedication over a period of 6 weeks. It is therefore almost impossible to express adequately the debts I owe to many persons who came up with ideas and implementations to help this training complete on time. I extend my thanks to all my co trainees who have been a great pleasure to work with and learn in the process.


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