2020 Dobree Stamicarbon Sustainable production of nitrates from renewable energy

The energy sector has made a huge transition in the last decade to move from fossil-based fuels to renewables such as wind and solar. The increasing capacity of wind and solar power has generated significant economy of scale, which has resulted in a significant cost reduction. In the meanwhile, the chemical industry is showing an increased interest to use renewable or carbon recycled chemicals in order to reduce their environmental and carbon footprint. The availability of renewable energy sources creates a new view on the use and geographical location of nitrate fertilizer production, while providing a clear path for sustainable and decarbonized fertilizer production. The aim of this paper is to show the latest developments for nitrate fertilizer production based on renewable feedstock sourced from solar and wind energy in a commercial attractive way, while paving a decarbonized pathway for the sustainable fertilizer production. The plant design originates from Stamicarbon’s designs used in the past and is upgraded to a new type of small scale fertilizer plant capable to produce a product mix that can be adjusted to meet specific local requirements with maximized output value, thereby maintaining a competitive position towards imported products and large scale producers.


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