2020 CF Sustainable Nitrogen production and its use in a changing world

The world is changing and the role of agriculture and food production in the future will be increasingly important in helping us meet the challenges of the years ahead. It’s not difficult to see why. Over the next 50 years, global population will increase by 30% to over nine billion people, food production will need to double to feed an increasingly hungry world and the demands placed on farmers and growers will be unprecedented. Yet, all this is happening against a backdrop of growing awareness of the need for us all to limit our impact on the environment, cut back significantly on green house gas production and manage the world’s finite resources more carefully. And climate change may reduce the area of temperate land where crops can grow, so the need to achieve the highest food production efficiency from every hectare possible will be greater than ever. Long-term, sustainable production is no longer just an aspiration, it’s an absolute necessity. Over the last 70 years, Nitrogen (N) use to increase the yields of grass and crops has driven the food production revolution and it will continue to do so in the future. But to achieve its full future potential, we all need to think more carefully about how we produce and use this vital resource. For many years, CF Fertilisers has worked in partnership with UK growers to develop and produce the highest quality fertiliser products possible and build an unrivalled store of knowledge to help growers get the most economic results from plant nutrition. In the future, the strength of these relationships will be even more critical. Only by working together can we meet the twin demands of addressing agriculture’s environmental commitments and achieving the quantum lift in production efficiency needed. We’ve made major steps in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our manufacturing, worked hard to produce accurate carbon footprints for all our products and made significant steps forward with recycling throughout all our processes. But it’s only the start of the journey. These pages will share that process with you, showing you what we have achieved so far, what we need to do to take us to the next stage and how we can help British food be as efficient, profitable and environmentally robust as possible in the future.


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