2020 AKH Ammonia Storage Tanks Decommissioning Procedures brochure

Every year Fertilizer Industrial Services receive several requests from various fertilizer manufacturers and inspection companies for supporting the de-commissioning and re-commissioning process of ammonia storage tanks. In many cases, the short notice of such request makes it difficult to plan our resources or to be able to provide support on site.

Internal inspection of ammonia storage tanks is an infrequent event that requires significant amount of preparation including the development of de-commissioning and re-commissioning procedures for preparing the tank for human entry and inspection, as well as cooling down and restarting the tank.

Majority of fertilizer companies develop their own internal procedures and involve their operators into preparation of tank inspection. However, due to extensive period between two inspections of the same tank (more than 10 years), the internal expertise may get diluted (people might have left the company, got retire, etc.) and in some cases a fertilizer company feels the need to request the expertise of an external consultant. Other fertilizer companies or terminal port operators might face their first tank internal inspection and don’t have the expertise to execute the job.

To support the fertilizer operators in developing the procedures and reviewing the risks associated with the process of de-commissioning ammonia storage tanks, we develop a basic package of services for a fixed lump sum price for easy budgeting.


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