2020 Scheerder & Ghai 1.5 million years of Safurex HEX pipe in production

Sandvik and Stamicarbon have introduced Safurex® as the ultimate corrosion resistance material for the urea synthesis in 1996. This so-called super duplex stainless steel is specially designed for the urea synthesis in a long tradition of revolutionary innovations. Today more than 80 plants worldwide have included over 200 pieces of high pressure equipment in Safurex® with a strong focus on safety, reliability and performance.

This remarkable milestone for Safurex® is clarified in relation to the failure frequency of tubes applied in HP shell and tube heat exchangers. It is demonstrated how technical material knowledge, validating knowledge on ammonium-carbamate corrosion and high quality production standards work hand in hand.

This paper demonstrates the fruits of a long lasting relationship and the commitment to improve the design of urea plants every day with innovative developments and a pioneering attitude.

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