2020 08 Baboo Dangote Trouble Shooting in Water Treatment Process for Variable TDS

This paper discusses how to tackle water treatment process with variable TDS. Concentration and high organic strength. The effects of TDS concentration changes when treating combined high TDS and high organic strength wastewater. The process design for a biological treatment system depends on the wastewater characteristics and equalization capacity for high TDS wastewater, biological performance depends on the proper adaptation of the biomass to changes in wastewater conditions. Adaptation potential can be enhanced by the introduction of halophilic microorganisms to the wastewater biomass. Another critical design consideration for TDS treatment is that concentrations are often subject to fluctuations, including variation in the rate of change. In wet season the TDS is higher, this could be attributed to higher turbidity during the wet season caused by the discharge of rain water into the Lekki Lagoon which brings debris, suspended particles and disturbance at the bottom. Total dissolved solid (TDS) and Total suspended solid (TSS) were both higher in the wet season than the dry season. When TDS is not maintained within acceptable limits, the operability of biological treatment systems can be adversely impacted by concentration fluctuation, such as that arising from upstream process changes. Some physicochemical parameters like temperature, transparency, dis solved solid, suspended materials, turbidity, conductivity, pH, total alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphate and salinity of water samples collected a t Lekki Lagoon from May 2019 to April 2020 were evaluated, period of one year including dry season to wet season. Lekki lagoon, a large expanse of shallow freshwater experiences a typical tropical climate with the two seasons. The variation in physical and chemical parameters observed during the study period may be as a result of the influence of weather conditions.


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