2020 07 Hashemi SPC Low Cost High Efficiency Design for Emptying the Cold Box

After 27 years continuous operation of an Ar/N2 plant with capacity of 5500tpy, process conditions show a small internal leakage in the Cold Box. It was decided to unload the Perlite insulation. Perlite insulation is a very low density material that is used for very low temperature service. The low density and small particle diameter of the perlite insulation make it very difficult in unloading from ColdBox because particles fly and float in air by very slow air movement or air streamline around devices.

Typically vacuum cleaners are using for unloading perlite. Vacuum cleaner are equipped with bag filters and constraint volume. When the bag filter are filled by perlite, the user needs to open the bag house and clean the filters. This procedure takes time and the device also needs electrical motor and fans. These problems forced me to design and construct an alternative device for unloading perlite without any electric motor and fans against a lower cost. The system consist of …
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