2020 05 Process Safety Management in CFCL – A step beyond conventional safety

This article gives an insight into the benefits derived by Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited (CFCL) after the implementation of Process Safety Management (PSM) in the year 2009.

Fertilizer plants are very complex and process hazard sensitive units involving operations of critical nature. At CFCL, with the philosophy of continuous running of plants for two consecutive years, it is important to avoid process incidents. This is where PSM steps in and assumes a significant role in ensuring safe ammonia and urea plant operations. It is a specialized techno-managerial tool promoted by OSHA, US Department of Labor and brings to the fore the hidden risks that comes through changes in the plant design, standard work procedure change, etc. The article highlights 14 key integrated elements of PSM used for identifying, controlling and preventing chemical process hazards.

Keywords: PSM Elements, Process Safety Information, Management of Change, Standard Operating Procedure and Incident Investigation Report.


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