2020 02 Gianazza Saipem Efficiency and efficacy through simplicity in urea plants

Efficiency and efficacy (intended as the ability to achieve product quality, environmental compliance and easy maintenance) are today the objectives of any fertilizer producer facing the complex competition scenario and the sustainability requirements. Often efficiency is the result of a simple process scheme characterized by few steps rather than of a complicated multi step energy management arrangement. Coupling efficiency with efficacy means availing of reliable solutions for materials and equipment that allow attaining long life while meeting product quality and emission control goals. All this requires a long path of improvement of the process technology and the continue setup of the innovative solutions. This paper describes how this approach has been developed by Snamprogetti Urea Technology and how it is still pursued through the application of new simple and reliable novelties.

This paper was presented during the 2019 Nitrogen & Syngas Conference in Berlin.


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