2019 11 Usman Fatima Rationalising Safety Critical Systems

The first and foremost part of process safety management is defining which equipment is critical to the process and its safety. Of course, it is essential to take care of all equipment for safe operation but not all equipment is safety critical. If everything is safety critical, then nothing is safety critical. When non-critical assets are included in list of critical equipment, the term “safety critical” loses its true essence and sanctity. A, “consider all,” approach will unnecessarily overwhelm maintenance manpower and can result in miss allocation of resources. Personnel started to treat safety critical equipment with less importance.

This paper explains the difficulties and disadvantages encountered to organizations of wrong interpretations, implementations of safety critical systems, and approaches used to revamp the whole system for its true implementation as per OSHA’s PSM standard (29 CFR 1910.119) and best practices.

This paper was presented at the AICHE Ammonia Safety Conference 2019 in San Francisco.


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