2019 Puci Stamicarbon MicroMist Venturi Scrubber application

Worldwide, fine particulate emission regulations are becoming increasingly strict. In response to this, Stamicarbon and EnviroCare International have co-developed the MicroMist™ Venturi Scrubber, a high-efficiency scrubbing technology for integration with Stamicarbon’s fluidized-bed urea granulation technology. It is designed to remove submicron urea dust and ammonia gas at extremely high efficiencies being capable of meeting the most stringent emission levels.

The first clients desired very stringent requirements for urea dust emissions coming from a granulation plant. The project realization and the application of the multi-venturi technology has resolved in a major step forward in terms of emission reduction. Their cases are being described.

The MicroMist™ Venturi Scrubber, fully integrated in all the operational aspects of the granulation plant, is analyzed. The main design features, in comparison with the response of the system as soon as it was put in operation, are described. The impact of the scrubbing system on the total plant is investigated. The modifications and improvements applied during start-up compared to the design, are cautiously evaluated. All running conditions and how they can impact the scrubbing system are mentioned and explained. Further, possible future improvements in relation to lay-out and internals of the scrubbing system are explored.

Based on this experience it is possible to conclude that Stamicarbon’s innovative emission technologies can allow plant owners to exceed the requirements of the most stringent environmental regulations based on proven technology, ensuring sustainable plant operations for the next decades. The same MicroMist™ Venturi Scrubber technology can also be used to revamp existing granulation scrubbers to the latest environmental standards for urea dust and ammonia.


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