2019 Juneja Urea Manufacturing Plant Iffco Aonla

Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) was established on 3rd November, 1967 as a multiunit cooperative organization of board objectives of augmenting fertilizer production, ensuring fertilizer availability at farmers door step, strengthening cooperative fertilizer distribution system and educating training and guiding the farmers for improving agriculture productivity. Aonla unit of IFFCO is one of the six natural gas based fertilizer plants to be setup in the country on HBJ pipeline which runs through four states. The original HBJ pipeline comes from Hazira. IFFCO Aonla is 18 km southwest of Bareilly-Aonla Road. The project consists mainly of Ammonia plant, Urea plant and Offsite facilities like Water Treatment System, Inert Gas Plant, Instrument Air Plant, Bagging Plant, Laboratory and Storage for spares consumable and products. In addition of these infrastructure facilities such as railways, siding etc. are also created. IFFCO Aonla was mechanically completed in the record time of 36 months. To get the maximum of the project IFFCO Aonla has two urea production units Urea-I and Urea-II and each of these two units has two sub-units. Each of these two units has one prill tower (common of two sub-units). IFFCO Aonla also has facilities for the storage of Naptha that could be used as an alternative fuel, when Natural Gas is not available. This contains liquid waste treatment units in approximately each plant, that’s why IFFCO Aonla is zero liquid effluent discharge plant. 


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