2019 Baboo Ammonia Storage Tank Pre-Commissioning

In Fertilizers Industries surplus ammonia is stored in a large capacity tank. For efficient discharge and storage of hazard chemicals such as ammonia, special processes must be developed, and several related parameters must be checked and evaluated. The Nitrogen purging is the very important activities before taking ammonia in the storage tank and purging aim to reduce the Oxygen content in the tank below the lower flammable limit that is 16%, during the purging the tank may be exposed to conditions which could cause damage. This is the process whereby a safe atmosphere is established within the process equipment. Therefore extreme care was taken to prevent over pressurizing the tank or subjecting it to thermal stress beyond its design. The purging is carried out until the Oxygen Concentration of <8.0 % is reached. In this article hydraulic test and pneumatic test final settlement of the tank were studied, pressure changes in ammonia storage systems that are purged by nitrogen gas, during filling by Nitrogen purging, the amount of Nitrogen were calculated.

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