2019 12 Scognamiglio Saipem Added Value of the Digitalization in the Fertilizer Industry

In the context of industry 4.0, given its huge experience in process technologies, XSIGHT by Saipem is developing industrial analytics through Digital and Innovative technologies enable to provide a decision making support for Owners of operating plants, allowing productivity and maintenance optimization to be better planned with cost reduction and reducing unforeseen plant and equipment shutdowns which can be turned into shorter and fewer plant stops.
Innovative methodologies are mainly based on finding correlations between operating data and equipment integrity status in order to predict when the items will fail/deteriorate through state of art machine learning techniques. Moreover, the process fertilizer know-how it is also integrated with other smart technologies to provide an additional value for End Users in plant enhancement phase.
The present paper deals with the innovation brought by the above applications to the context of fertilizer business, thanks to the collaboration and sharing of experiences between End User and Contractor that makes the new methodology more effective.

This paper was presented during the 2019 Nitrogen & Syngas Conference in Berlin.


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