2019 10 Chinda Industrial Urea Process – Simulation and Validation

Due to a variety of applications, there is an ever-increasing demand for urea and subsequently its production  process  remains  a  popular  research  topic.  In  the  current  climate  however, studies for solving industrial  challenges  and  the  search  for a  more  sustainable  process  design are required.  Previous work s concerning  simulation  of industrial scale production have been developed, however almost none of them are reproducible  nor consider urea quality parameters. The severe process operating conditions and the lack of biuret  information  are  the  main  challenges in  modelling  and simulating  such complex process. This paper proposes a systematic approach for simulation and validation of the current urea production process. Industrial data from the largest operational urea facility in Latin America are used. Simulation is validated against more than 30 industrial parameters. Deviation of less than 6% is obtained for mass composition and less than 8% for other variables considered. This work is a key point for retrofit studies and design of new processes models.


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