2019 07 Wei NEW JCM compressors and turbines successfully applied in a world-scale ammonia-urea complex

As a leading solutions provider of Turbomachinery, NEW JCM designs, manufactures, tests and services a wide range of technologically advanced centrifugal compressors and mechanical drive steam turbines.
NEW JCM designs, manufactures and tests centrifugal compressors and mechanical drive steam turbines in one-factory as per international codes and standards (API 617 and API 612).
This is a very unique and key competitive advantage that provides customers an exclusive solution where a complete compressor train (including the mechanical drive steam turbine) will be assembled and string tested in our factory and delivered to customers almost as a “plug & play” package. Such unique tests will save customers tremendous project schedules, installation costs and transferring the customers’ site potential risks to our factory, which will be taken care of by our well-trained engineers and technicians.
The paper describes the successful application of NEW JCM compressors and turbines for all major applications (syngas, air, ammonia refrigeration and carbon dioxide) in a world-scale ammonia urea complex of PARDIS Petrochemical in Assaluyeh in Iran. PARDIS Phase III is a KBR ammonia plant (design capacity of 2050 mtpd) and a Stamicarbon PoolCondenser urea plant (design capacity of 3250 mtpd). The complex successfully went into operation in the summer of 2017.
The paper describes the salient features of the NEW JCM design, the experiences during installation, commissioning and start-up and the performance during normal operation. This breakthrough project is a first step to NEW JCM’s next future major achievements: The 4000 mtpd Saipem urea plant at Wulan in China, and Hengam 2250 mtpd ammonia (Haldor Topsoe) and 3500mtpd Saipem Urea plant in Assaluyeh, Iran.


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