2019 05 Lines Graham Lessons from the Field – Ejector Systems

Ejector systems provide extremely reliable performance, but they do require periodic maintenance. It is recommended that routine surveys be performed to document actual behavior and performance of the ejector system. An ejector system may be performing at less than optimal conditions for a variety of reasons, such as improper utilities, fouled condensers, mechanical damage, excessive process load, excessive noncondensible load or improper installation. A skilled vacuum technician, most often from the ejector system manufacturer, should conduct the routine surveys and issue performance reports.
The performance surveys may be conducted on line without affecting the process. The performance reports will document actual performance at a point in time, discuss corrective action where applicable and offer preventative maintenance suggestions. If performance problems arise, the original supplier of the vacuum system should be consulted. If necessary, a request should be made for a service engineer to be dispatched to offer support on site. Actual corrective action to take is situation dependent and requires a thorough understanding of variables that influence ejector system performance.


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