2019 04 Posthumus World Record – On Stream Time Badotherm Diaphragm Seal in high pressure high temperature carbamate gas line

Since November 2014 a BADOTHERM Diaphragm Seal pressure measurement in a high pressure high temperature carbamate gas line works without any issues. In 2017 a calibration was done. All was in perfect condition. This means as per February 2019, the pressure measurement is in operation without any issues for more than four years already. This is a World Record On Stream Time in the urea industry!

Now it has been proven it is possible to avoid any unplanned shut down caused by diaphragm pressure and level measurements and operate in the synthesis pressure more close to the safety valve set pressure realizing higher synthesis conversion figures.

Other similar applications are:

• Measure the Synthesis Pressure in the high pressure carbamate gas line close to the safety valve in any urea plant

• Measure the Synthesis Pressure at any other location in the synthesis section of any urea plant like ammonia feed, CO2 feed, air supply, etc.

• Measure the Liquid Level in the High Pressure Scrubber of a STAMICARBON urea plant.

• Now it becomes attractive to check the feasibility to measure also other liquid level applications like the high pressure separator in a SAIPEM urea plant.


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